visitor reception center

Visitor recepcion center

Located on the ground floor of the main building, it integrates the entrance access control, the store, the left-luggage office and the toilets. In the descriptive panels you can find a presentation of Las Minas de Almadén and some of its keys as a World Heritage Site. Of special interest are the general model of the facilities of the presentation room of the mine. “El Malacate” restaurant-cafeteria in the Mining Park, open on demand.

In a glass enclosed area of the Center is located the work of Javier Velasco, “Lagrimas de Lluvia”, the gigantic permanent installation formed by a pool of almost 4 tons of mercury on which a rain of crystals stopped in space and an ingenious system produce the rain effect

General Presentation

The Almadén Mining Park is a set of complementary facilities and experiences:

Centro de recepción de visitantes

Visitor recepcion center

Exhibitions, store and restaurant

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Mina subterránea visitable

Visitable underground mine

With interpretative recreations

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Hospital de Mineros San Rafael

San Rafael miners’ hospital

Built in 1755, it houses: Historical Archives, Exhibition Spaces, Miners’ Hospital, Forced Prison, Regional Heritage

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Centro de Interpretación de la Minería

Mining interpretation center


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Museo del Mercurio de Almadén

Mercury Museum

Audiovisuals, mockups and interactive experiments

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Instalaciones exteriores del Parque Minero de Almadén

Instalaciones exteriores

Espacios tematizados: Antiguos talleres, Castillete del pozo de San Aquilino, Castillete del San Teodoro.

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Ecoturismo de Castilseras

Castilseras ecotourism

Magnificent landscapes with a big variety of fauna, flora and geology

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