Cerco de San Teodoro s/n. 13400 Almadén (Ciudad Real)

Arriving by car

From Ciudad Real

  • First Option: Take the road A-41, then take the detour to the N-420 and follow the CM-4112, the CM-4110 and the CM-415 until Almadén. The time this option takes is 1H and 15min.
  • Second Option: Take the A-41 until Puertollano, once you are there take the N-420 until the detour of Brazatortas CR-P-4163. The time this option takes is 1H and 30min.

From Córdoba

Take the N-432/CO-31 until the detour N-502 to Almadén. The time this takes is 1H and 30min.

Arriving by bus

The AISA Company travels from Ciudad Real to Almadén once a day. Check the schedules here. This option takes between 1h and 45min, to 2H.

Arriving by train

Take an AVE train from Madrid to Ciudad Real or Puertollano. Or in a regular train check schedules and prices in RENFE. (Vincular la palabra RENFE a su página web)

Schedules and periods in which the Mining Park is open to the customers.

From Tuesday to Friday
From May to September: In the morning from 9: 30a.m to 14: 00p.m and in the afternoons from 16: 30p.m to 19:30p.m
From October to April: In the morning from 9: 30a.m to 14: 00p.m and in the afternoons from 15: 30p.m to 18:30p.m.

Weekends and holidays
From May to September: From 9: 30a.m to 19: 30p.m.
From October to April: 9: 30a.m to 18: 30p.m.

There´s the possibility of visiting only the Miners Hospital and the exhibition hall of the Almadén historical mines archives

Schedules / Opening schedules.
From Tuesday to Sundays
From 10: 30a.m to 14: 00p.m and in the afternoons from 16: 30p.m to 20: 00p.m
From 10: 30a.m to 14: 00p.m and in the afternoons from 15: 30p.m to 19: 00p.m.

Apporoximate visit duration: 1Hour and 15minutes.

In the last thirty minutes of visiting hours new visitors won´t be allowed to enter.

In general, the Mining Park is not going to be open the following days.

  • On January 1 and 6, Easter Sunday and on december the 24, 25 and 31
  • The Mining Park won´t offer visits every Monday that isn´t holiday

All the visits and services are arranged and by reservation. Each service has it´s own number of visitors.

For the “Esencial Mine” service, the minimum to form a group and realize the reservations for visits from Tuesday to Thursday is equal or greater than 12 people.

For the “Esencial Mine” service on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the mornings isn´t necessary to form a minimum number of visitors to make the reservation, but the reserve must be done 48 hours before the visit. The other services have their own characteristics. For the “Esencial Mine” service there´s the possibility of getting the tickets before the start of the visit without reservation, this option is linked to the fact that there are free places to complete the 20 persons group. In any case, from Tuesdays to Thursdays to obtain the tickets without reservation the group must be formed by at least 12 people. The rest of the services have their own characteristics.

Mining Park of Almadén.
Cerco San Teodoro, s/n
13400 Almadén (Ciudad Real)
Reservation Phone: 926 265 002 During the visitors atention hours
Account number for transfer payments: ES43 2103 0407 5700 3000 3600

Reserve formalization:

  • Is mandatory to realice the reservation 48 hours before the visit, if not the service isn´t secured.
  • The telephone reservation isn´t formalized until, During the 24 hours after the call by the client, it´s confirmed by email from the park to the visitor, the reception of the mail with the receip of the payments into the account by transfer of the total Price of the booking.
  • The reservations can be done from Tuesdays to Sundays during the telephone service time (Check on the schedules) through the internet permanently with the bonus at least 1€ reduction in the Price of the ticket.
  • At the time of obtaining the tickets it will be necessary to prove the visitors age by showing their DNI.
  • The minimum number of members for a group to relize the activities must be equal or greatrer than 12.
  • On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the morning isn´t necessary to have a minimum number of people to make the reservation, but the reservation must still be done 48 hours before the visit.
  • There´s the possibility of getting the tickets before the start of the visit without reservation, this option is linked to the fact that there are free places to complete the 20 persons group. In any case, from Tuesdays to Thursdays to obtain the tickets without reservation the group must be formed by at least 12 people.
  • The paper ticket that must be delivered at the reception is the supporting document to acces the different spaces. The Price that appears printed on the ticket responds to administrative and registration criteria in the computer system, and in no case can be used to claim a refund.

Date change and cancellation Policy.

  • Cancellation management through the phone 926 265 002 (Office hours from 11: 00a.m to 14: 00p.m and from 15: 30p.m to 18: 30p.m)
  • You can at any time change the dates of the activities even after receiving the confirmation, as long as there´s availability by the company for the new date proposed.
  • The reservation can´t be cancelled during the 48 hours before the visit.
  • To get information about the cancellation policy that´s used for reservations you can check the changes and refunds process chapter.  
  • If you cancel a reserve 15 days before the date of realization for the activity you will have the right of getting the refund of what you lost. With a charge of 5€ for cancellation of reservation for each person-reservation canceled as cancellation expenses.
  • If the resignation occurs within 15 days before the realization of the activity you will have the right to claim a refund of what has been paid up to that momento as a 

Changes and returns process due to lack of service.

If the visit couldn´t be realiced due to attributable causes to the Almadén Mining Park::
1. The visitor must request a refund of the amount of tickets at the email, indicating the reasons why the visit couldn´t be made.
2. From the email it will be answered offering:

  • DATE CHANGE (Maximum of 6 months). The visitor, before the realization of the visit must call the phone for reservations 926 26 50 02 or by email at indicating the day and the hour that has been chosen. From reservations the acceptance of the date chosed will be confirmed according to the availability.
  • REFUND OF THE AMOUNT. The visitor must send at the following data: NAME and SURNAME (Person who made the online purchase) COLLECTER REFERENCE, NUMBER OF TICKETS, PRICE, BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER and TELEPHONE NUMBER.

Reservations will send a comunication of confirmation of the aproved change process with new data about the visit or devolution confirmation by transfer receipt.

Transportation to the Almadén Mining Park.

The services of transporting and displacement to the establishment and from this to other activities aren´t included in the service.

If the clients require it, we can provide a suitable transport service for the travel needs of your arranged and trusted group of our establishment.

Important information for the visit.

  • During the visit and through all the entire tour of activities and experiences in the Mining Park, the information and requirements of the guide for the management of the groups are mandatory for visitors. Especially in situations that may involve risk or difficulty in managing groups. 
  • Kids that have less than 4 years won´t be allowed to enter the Mine of Almadén.
  • If for technical or other reasons, beyond the control or responsability of the Mining Park or the Historical Archive, it´s necessary to cancel or postpone any offer (Exposition, workshop, show, etc…) the ticket money won´t be returned, instead you´ll receive a redeemable voucher of the same economic value to assist in another time.  
  •  Kids that are less than 4 years old don´t pay for an entrance ticket to the Visitors Reception Center.
  • The form of payment at the box office may be in cash or by credit card. Currently, payment by credit card is advised.
  • The offers of different activities and experiences aren´t cumulative with each other.
  • The Mining Park won´t allow any animal inside the establishment. Excep for guide dogs.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the instalations. (28/2005 of the 26 of December Law)
  • Eating and drinking isn´t allowed in the Mining Park. Excepting the cafe, restaurant and picnic areas.
  • Due to security reasons, you won´t be allowed to enter expositions or instalations with an umbrela or other objects that are considered dangerous.
  • The Mining Park offers a box office service.
  • In the exhibition areas, and especially in the Almadén Mine, it´s not allowed to take pictures excep for special areas and with the authorization of the guide. This is done for reasons of safety and quality of the visit.
  • The clothes for the mine visit must be comfortable and suitable for the activity of going down to the mine where mud and small puddles can be found, the temperature is pleasant and constant but due to the humidity feeling you might need a jacket. Minas de Almadén Mining Park isn´t responsable for damage to visitors clothing if there has been negligence or improper activity on it’s premises.

We guarantee your visit with the following measures.

  • Our staff is provided with individual protection equipement and protection screens.
  • The area is desinfected every day.
  • Crowd control taking in account safety distances.
  • Graphic material (Brochures, catalogues…) will not be delivered.

During your visit:

  • Safety distance of 1,5 meters.
  • Use of desinfectating gel.
  • Don´t touch any surfaces.
  • Follow the instructions of the security personal at all times.

We have areas in perfectly restored historic buildings, available to companies and institutions to carry our training activities and business meetings in Almadén Mining Park, and it’s set of facilities which that have been declared a World Heritage site in 2012.

Spaces tailored to each group, such as the Assembly Hall of the San Rafael Mining Hospital of Mercury Technological Center. But also suitable romos for small activities and tailor-made activities.

All the activities and programs can be developed in a complementary way to Mina de Almadén visit programs, tours that can be adapted to the needs and requirements of the groups and combined with the outdoor facilities.

Centro de Recepción al Visitante

Combined activities can also be developed in the Dehesa Castilseras environment, from ecotourism to active turism oriented to incentive programs, team building, training and coaching, outdoor training, or knowledge motivations, creativity, etc… All in a unique ecosystem. Of natural value and exceptional landscape.

From the Mining Park we can organize or support you in organizing the logistics of your activity with the management of accommodation in hotels or rural houses in the area and travel for groups from ADIF stations in Ciudad Real, Puertollano, Córdoba and Almadenejos.

Para realizar una visita al Museo con un grupo escolar es necesario realizar una reserva previa con al menos
o realize a visit to the museum with a group of schoolchildren is necessary to realize a reserve at least 10 days before the visit. We recommend the groups to carry a responsible of group leader for every 20 students. The Mining Park offers the possibility of knowing in advance the conditions of access, the exhibition and educational offer, making it easier for teachers to prepare for the future visit. To do this, we provide the necessary information and the possibility of taking a tour of all facilities completely free of charge.

Centro de Recepción al Visitante

To realize the tour is necessary to complete a questionnaire available at the reception of the Mining Park, providing the necessary data, and contact with the Education Department.

The Mining Park offers teaching units associated to curricular contents by thematic axes that facilitate the work of the teacher and the learning of the students.

The Mining Park offers the possibility of organizing didactics workshops of thematic activities with the main axes of heritage value associated with the Almadén Mining Park, a World Heritage Site.

The accessibility to the Mining Park building for persons with reduced mobility, except for the interior tour of the mine.

The Almadén Mining Park has made an effort to adapt both its facilities and the exhibition and educational offer to all groups that are part of society, regardless of their physical, mental or sensory faculties, offering new possibilities of access to heritage for people with different abilities.

Centro de Recepción al Visitante

The Park doesn´t have great architectural barriers, and those that may exist have been solved with all kinds of service (Elevators, ramps, toilets, wheelchairs, brochure and information material in braille) that make it accessible to people with disabilities; in addition to a website whose design and characteristics guarantee in access information.

Consult directly with our informants your needs to know the offer services that we can offer and adapt to your requirements.

Parking Lots

The Mining Park has a parking area for cars (25) and large buses (6) next to the entrance to the main access.

For special needs, there is the possibility of enabling specific parking spaces near the Mining Park. Parking is free.

The café restaurant “EL MALACATE” is located inside the Almadén Mining Park enclosure and gives services with a vocation for quality to the visitor in accordance with the place in which it´s located.

Centro de Recepción al Visitante

Breakfasts and snacks are the main gastronomic protagonist of our menu. In line with the products of the land: good acorn-fed Iberian hams, garden dishes, cheese and oils. We also nod to the sea that we sometimes yearn for so much with canned and salted fish. And of course, a prominent place for sweet pleasures with our homemade desserts.

Our facilities are open to the public every weekend and opening holidays of the Almadén Mining Park. We always have enough space for your event and group meetings on any opening day of the Mining Park. We prepare the menu that best suits your needs with prior reservation from 15 people. Contact and reservations: 926 71 09 51.

In the Almadén Mining Park we have a picnic area under a thatches roof, available to groups and clients who request meals and use within activities associated with the Mining Park.

A unique space dedicated to mining, geological and historical objects, gifts and souvenirs that is integrated into the work of studying and disseminating the past carried out by the Mining Park.

Find exclusive products aimed at both the general public and the more specialized, children and adults: minerals, stationery, reproductions of archeological pieces, books, magazines, t-shirts, accessories, etc… All of them high-end materials related to the content of the Almadén Mining Park and its exhibitions and activities. 

The entrance of animals in the Mining Park isn´t allowed, excep guide dogs.

There is currently no space for pet care and custody in the Almadén Mining Park.

In its facilities of Minas de Almadén treasures spaces and locations of enormous interest and uniqueness, of an industrial and mining nature, but also with other types of profiles such as gardens, halls, auditoriums, of a historical or current nature. Ideal places to realize meetings, presentations, photographic reports, audiovisuals, events, workshops and activities. And all this enjoying a World Heritage Site.

Photographic reports, audiovisuals or with drones.

Centro de Recepción al Visitante

The Mining Park offers spaces for every kind and size of events. From small meetings to massive events, with the necessary equipement to realize your activity at the highest professional level, or with the warmth and attention for your family activities.

We have several fully equipped auditoriums or function rooms for different sizes of group, we also offer unique spaces in the surroundings of the Industrial Heritage of the Minas de Almadén, both spaces for outdoors or indoors events.