Minas de Almadén

industrial heritage of the mining park

Minas de Almadén assumes the definition proposed by the National Plan for Industrial Heritage: “Industrial Heritage is understood as the set of mavable and immovable property and sociability systems related to the culture of work that have been generated by the activities of extraction, transformation, transport, distribution and management generated by the economic system that emerged from the ‘Industrial revolution”. These assets must be understood as an integral whole made up of the landscape in which they are inserted, the industrial relations in which they are structured, the architectures that characterize them, the techniques used in their procedures, the files generated during their activity and their management practice with symbolic character.

In the Almadén Mines, it’s Mining Park and it’s Historical Archives all these elements are represented and recognized, and their uses has been documented for more than 500 years. Material remains such as mines, towers, documents, collections, machines, etc… They are all industrial heritage that, in the Almadén Mines, in addition to being organized to make the key issues significant; the territorial, infraestructural and commercial structure, the engineering-technological innovation, the mining-metallurgical Heritage, the medical-medicinal research, the environmental scientific values and the productive reconversion.