Historic archive of Minas de Almadén

Keys for the visit

In this building you can visit three exhibition areas, one dedicated to explaining the history of this building as the hospital, another dedicated to the Archive, its evolution and characteristics, the third is dedicated to the population of Almadén and its region; the life and customs of our people.

Archivo Histórico del Parque Minero de Almadén
Archivo Histórico del Parque Minero de Almadén

To understand the area

The Historical Archive of the Mines of Almadén is located in the Royal Hospital of Miners of San Rafael. Work on this building began in 1755, under the reign of Ferdinand VI, with Francisco Javier de Villegas as superintendent, and ended in 1773 under the reign of Carlos III, with Diego Luis Gijón y Pachecho as superintendent.

On June 10, 2016, the Declaration of Property of Culture Interest with the Collection category is published for all the documentation that is kept in the Historical Archive de las minas de Almadén.

Reference elements

In total, the files cataloged to date are more than 116,000 and the number of blueprints increases to more than 20,800, of which, just over 20,700 are scanned. The archive has been open to the public since February 2004 and its holdings have been organized into five sections: 1. Old Holdings (17th century – 1918) and; 2. Almadén and Arrayanes Mines Administration Council (1918 – 1982); 3. Library; 4. Cartographic collection; 5. External Archives (Files on Minas de Almadén in external archives such as the National Historical Archive of Simancas, the General Archive of Simancas, the Provincial Historical Archive of Seville, the National Library and the Library of the University of Seville)

Archivo Histórico del Parque Minero de Almadén