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Mining Park
Inside the Mine
In the underground mine, more than 700 m deep, a space has been recuperated for public visit with maximum safety guarantee.

The accessible area is the 1st floor of the Almadén mine, about 50 metres deep, with the greatest historical value. After visiting exploitation areas from the 17th, 18th centuries (branch drifts, overhead stopes, open pits and bench exploitations) and work from the 20th century, visitors reach the visit's jewel: the baritel of San Andrés, with its majestic hoist, the Sistine Chapel of mining heritage, and the prisoner gallery where the criminals were led to work in the mine from the prison. Afterward, once again through the San Teodoro well, we access an upper gallery where a mining train transports the group to the surface.

The visit to the park is organised around the 17th-18th century mine gallery, the only authentic historic mine that can be visited in Spain, which is approximately one and a half kilometers long, and allows you to learn about the geological history of the mines from the bowels of the earth, to known the mining techniques, be amazed by the lives of the forced labourers, understand the value of a World Heritage Site and, above all, feel the sensations of being in a real mine, preserved exactly as it was excavated.
Visita guiada a algunos de los sitios más emblemáticos de Almadén incluidos en la lista de Patrimonio del Mercurio, el Parque Minero y el Hospital de Mineros de San Rafael.
Disponemos de espacios con amplias posibilidades ubicados en edificios históricos perfectamente restaurados, a disposición de empresas e instituciones para la realización de actividades de formación y reuniones de empresa.
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Almadén Mining Park
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