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Important notice

We reopen the "Parque Minero" and the "Real Hospital de Mineros de Almadén" to the public, starting on June 9 (Tuesday), with a third of its capacity and with new security measures, the use of a mask being mandatory.

It is recommended to plan the visit, for this you can buy the ticket online or make a previous reservation on the phone +34 926 265 002

Presentation / Home

The Almadén Mining Park is a living inheritance of two thousand years of Almadén operation. After closing mining activity in 2003, the oldest mines in the world, in operation up until our time, show us their secrets.

Mercury, the living silver of the Romans, is shown at the park in all of its aspects: the extraction of its mineral, cinnabar, mercury sulphur, its transformation in the metallurgical furnaces, its physical and chemical properties, its uses, and of course, its eternal history.

The Mining Park's facilities, wells and buildings are the heart of Spanish sites on the World Heritage List, under the name Heritage of Mercury. Almadén and Idrija.

Metalurgia plata Mina del Castillo. Plano longitudinal de San Juan Hornos de Aludeles Larrañaga San Aquilino Jumbo perforación Horno Pacific. Año1954 Castillete de San Aquilino e Iglesia
Visita guiada a los sitios más emblemáticos de Almadén incluidos en la lista de Patrimonio del Mercurio como el Parque Minero, la Plaza de Toros, el Hospital de Mineros de San Rafael y la Cárcel de Forzados.
Cultura y Naturaleza para todos los públicos, en una visita guiada para conocer los sitios más emblemáticos declarados Patrimonio de la Humanidad, como el Parque Minero, la Plaza de Toros o el Hospital de Mineros de San Rafael, complementada con actividades ecoturísticas en el entorno de Almadén.
Disponemos de espacios con amplias posibilidades ubicados en edificios históricos perfectamente restaurados, a disposición de empresas e instituciones para la realización de actividades de formación y reuniones de empresa.
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Almadén Mining Park
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