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The Almadén Mining Park receives a master group of bobbin lace-making from whole Spain.

It seems that the origin of the bobbin lace is linked to women of miners.
RTVE, España Directo - Bajamos a las minas de mercurio de Almadén.

En Ciudad Real encontramos una de las minas más antiguas del mundo cuya actividad se ha mantenido hasta nuestros días. Bajamos a las profundidades de la tierra con Ramón, un minero reconvertido en guía.
Almadén y su Parque Minero.

En este vídeo recorremos Almadén (Ciudad Real), haciendo una parada especial en su Parque Minero, declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO. Descendemos a las minas más antiguas del mundo. Vídeo realizado por el Gobierno de JCCM para su promoción turística.
Promotional video for tourism in Castilla-La Mancha.

Promotional video for tourism in Castilla-La Mancha presented in FITUR 2016 by the regional government. The Mining Park of Almaden appears inside. (01.20.2016).
Morning of Cope Ciudad Real (audio only).

Program conducted by the Cadena Cope from Almaden on 10.23.2015
Mark Spain visits the Mining Park of Almaden, World Heritage (audio only).

Mark Spain came to the province of Ciudad Real in Castilla-Mancha to know the history and secrets of one of the oldest mines in the world, Mine of Almaden. For 2000 years, and until final closure in 2003, it has been the most important deposit of mercury of planet.

Since 2012 it is inscribed in the List of World Heritage, together with Slovenian Mine of Idrija. Nowadays, part of this space is open to the public and is known as the Mining Park of Almaden.

We talked to its Manager, Javier Carrasco (10.14.15)
The Mining Park of Almaden in 2 TV .

Documentary made into Mining Park of Almaden on 09.10.2015, in the program 2 TV. “There is work here”, that was introduced by Antolin Romero and Maria José Molina and it was directed by Carmen Alvarez Lozano.
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Almadén Mining Park
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